Dr. Nick Papoulias

Director of Research at OutSystems ūüöÄ Bringing the Future Back ūüėé !
Proud father of the Lan.d.s Platform: https://npapoylias.gitlab.io/lands-project/ 

We are hiring: https://twitter.com/npapoylias/status/1430117496259059714 !!!

(previously) CS Researcher @ Univ. Grenoble Alpes ,  VeriAMOS Project, Erods / LIG lab.

Doctor of Informatics from Université Lille 1 РSciences et Technologies 

quoteQualified for teaching & research by the French Ministry of Higher-Education  
Eligible for the rank of¬†Ma√ģtre de conf√©rences¬†—¬†N¬į of¬†qualification: 20227271472 ¬†[G-Scholar,¬†DBLP, ORCID]

I am Dr. N. Papoulias, my main area of expertise is Programming Languages & Tools for Pervasive Computing. I have been experimenting with different aspects of the programming cycle, with a primary focus on parsing, reflection, debugging, simulation and modeling.  I am currently investigating the design and use of domain-specific languages for systems programming and interdisciplinary research.

Latest News: 

Proud father of  Lands, Geranium, Mercury, Seamless, MetaTalk, MetaStackVM and Misha

Research Interests: Programm616445_392438704157204_1079352477_oing Languages, Tools and Environments,  Simulation and Modeling, Reflection, Debugging, Communication Middlware, Human-Computer Interaction, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Cryptography, Epistimology

Independently studying Philosophy in contact with the “International School of Logic of History“.

Past Affiliations:

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